Wednesday, February 17, 2010


people will owes bz body of others life..n there it is..this is wat we have to face syg..juz ignore wateva dat came out from their mouth..we cant stop it..
the more we think bout dat, the stress we were..

keep on praying so dat sumthg gud are waiting for us..i cant wait for that..for wateva dat we plan 2getha so far..hope no 1 cant ruined it. may god bless us syg.

if sume goes well..we will end up with a gud ending this year..hope so..i cant wait for by day, i keep on thinking of wat we have plan..

since da day u meet my parents, i feel like ive own da whole world.u know what i meant izit. it such a gud sign. i neva tot that i wil do dat.but i did it act..she seem likes u syg..take care of wat we have now ok..da trust from her..rili hope nothg can break her trust to us..

i stil can smile a lot until 2day once i rmber dat day..dat was my happiest day eva. & it convince me that im ready to build a new life with u..stat to plan everythg with u..owh sweet.. =( i wanna make sure dat u oweys body can take u..

u oredy mine..4eva

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