Sunday, October 17, 2010

life was so lethargy

i dono whut happen to me tis few days. feels like sume x kena..da reason?? dun ask me..i dun hav d answer.wait a minute,but maybe i GOT..hes not around..even for a 2-3days only??? owh dun be shocked to read tis ok..its a normal thg for us as a WOMEN.n for all women out there, dun lie bout tis feelin. ;) sad but true. ppl might vomit to heard tis.
but syg, tis is real.i know u gettin mad oredy to face ol tis while u were there.but pls put urself as me.u may know wut i feel..GOD did a great job to created a man n woman..with diff types of everythg..daty y u cant simply assume i can be like u..or mybe u wil say dat, " if i can, so do u!" itu x smestinye..
da way we thnks bout sumthg is dif kan..sorry syg for make u feel menyamph dgn i..kind of gedik or ngade x btempt pd u, but for me..i rili feel dat way..i cant ctrl maself..ive try act, but i cant..but thgs wud back tp normal once u were these bside me ok..heheheh