Wednesday, October 20, 2010

write again

wut a day..with haze since ysterday.. ;( hope it back to normal la..cant get used to it..its wed! two days to go..fri i hav to left him until tuesdy! syg wait for me k..lame i x balik umh mak lame2..n act i wanna go away from HER.u know wut i meant. go away from all da stress dat ive faced everyday. i need sum space for myself..need a therapy mayb..need a peacful rest eva!! i wish fer dat. mak promis me oredy not to tell her.i keep dat in mind.
while im not there with u, it doesnt meant i dun love u..i did..n u know dat rite..asik nk tulis2 psl feelin2 ni kan..kang u muak len pn muak jg kot..xpe..i smpn cket2 for future ok.. ;) enuf for tis..lame dh u left any komen kat my lg la..heheheh.dats ok..i know u r not in passion bout those thgs..but kalo u rajen tglkan la ayat2 cinta sket..hehehe..pinses syukeeee sgt tawuuu..
erm...t free2 lg i tulis2 cam dh penat jek..sok kje lg kan..mish yu sgt mocet..cup cup ;)

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