Friday, November 5, 2010


its been a long time aku x update blog aku ni..tah knape..y?? dun ever ask me bout dat..juz maybe i feel like im not in a mud lately..n besides, wut else to say n write? bout the evyday rutins? i think its enuf for me to know dat. ;)not to say dat ngade or wut, but oh come on..its my personal ok..respect rilex respon ;)..hahahaa..

sigh~ again..i know my hearts n my feelin was unpredictable juz now.i know sure i know it.don wanna talk bout it lah.once i story, da tears may fall down..extremely faster than ever! trust me ;)..owh, some says dat im gettin skinny..hell yuh! how dare i????

being skinny + skeleton is not my option..but y ppl get used to col me dat? ;( im crying to work on it? im gettin married yawww..gv sum tips. but if its related with milk/cheese/or anythg white colour n milky smelly, naah..pls say NO!!

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