Wednesday, January 20, 2010

da day 4 us

Finally..da day is come.. day of wut? only me n he know meant a lot ^_^
U, i feel safe with u.calm..i like dat kind of makes me smile..da way u look at me, smile at me, staring at me, its diff..diff from others..

wut i like da most? hurm..i bet u know dat sayang..n i know u loveeeee it..n i know u wish for dat s ur bfast =)..don laugh!! u did it!! >,<

i hope it wud b 1 of our sweet memory.owes b yes fer me. =) i will neva 4get dat..ol da moment when im with u is worth it..i wish we could be like dat evyday.da real day wil come soon..i wil wait fer dat.

but s time goes by, wateva happened between us now was a miracle..i did it 4 u dak beco..but not juz i want comes from my heart n feelin. i love u..dats y i did it for u..n for me.. sukeeee sgt taw..

i syg u n ur A _ _ _ ( pls fill in ) wat we have rite now is such a gud rel.ship. & i hope we can tke care of it..pls share evythg with me..tell me wathcu feel..watchu want..owes gv & take syg..i know we can do it =) chaiyok dak beco..heehee

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