Monday, January 18, 2010

Im speechless..wut im supposed to say? i thnk i better shadap!! all i wanna do is juz smile n hav a gud rili was..we'll see until when i keep on smiling.. ^_^ & i know u feel da same izit? hah?? no? pls dun lie to me dak beco..hehehe..i know u lg teruk..smiling sorg2 kan.. =)

What a happy moment..dat is wat u owes wish for not juz fulfill ..but it comes from inside..theres no forcing..i juz let it go..let it be - the beatles +_+ almost 2am, we stil txt each other..
story bout what?? hurm..x payah ckp la..u know d answer =) another history happened in my life..ops our life..sweet memory of us..even we r running of time, but i love it..cos i love da way u treat me..i can feel da warm in u..such a gud 1..
seems like we r now stat wishing for sumtin better & gud..make love make perfect.. =) undstand? wat r smiling at? hehe..act im smiling 2 syg..wat a happy life now..hope it wud lasting 4eva..luff u dakbu cobe..

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