Tuesday, January 26, 2010


what else can make me happy fer now? d answer wud b da same..HE makes me happy..day by day, im gettin to know him much better than yesterday..its a gud sign 4 me..dat meant im connected to him..

da Jokes dat he made, rili makes my stomach xpolded!! =) but we'll c then..take ur time..i let u win 1st..my time wil coming soon..watchout bebeh!! hahaha

3days without meet him such a nitemare..i cant sleep + eat well.. sunday made me down. mom broke her pomis..n im da victim.well, wat to do..such a fate..hv to face.. got no choice.. only God know how much i wanna go back dat day n meet him.. sorry dak beco =.( i made u cry + sad

monday : smiling a lot.. =) had a great bf with him..haa, y u senyum????? until now stil cant 4get? =) mish dat day u..but i mis u alot eveyday evry 2nd..not only 2 have dat..but da time withcu was awesome..

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