Thursday, January 28, 2010


yesterday : da whoLe day with him..luff da moment so much..hahah..but at 1st its so hard to planned it..seems like its a plan of merompak kedai emas??? punye la nebes n takot..haishh.. =) but we made it dear..there u come.. (^^,) once u get in, im so happy to see ur face..i know wat is gonna be then..

nyte : stil rmber da story of budk2 anjung?? heheh..until now once i igt kan, sure o gelak..dey oL r so bz body bout us..maybe they loves u more then wat i did..hahah..make sure u r not gayboying with them..ops..u r not gay!! i knew it =)
havin a bf at nite!! sounds interesting kan syg..ape gelak?? hish..stop smiling la..

and!!!!!!!!!!! wat do u think im goin to rite?? heheh..4th _ _ _ _ D !! i syg u..its bcoz of dat only..i luff u da way u r..juz be urself..i can face it..i can accept it..dun be a gud pretender..u know i hate it rite..honestly, ysterday was e great hv a real gud tyme witchu is precious..its more then evythg..i hope u will rmber dis..i syg u nk keraskn motot je..heheh.. luff u LOVE

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