Wednesday, March 17, 2010


sad but true!!! wat to do..we hav to folow wateva mom says...gud or bad, esp da gud sure they did it for da best 4 us kan..juz trust tua2 lg tau ape diorg nk buat kan u, i sian plak kt mak u dh xcited too..cant wait 4 april..but da truth??? we stil in sad...

+ sad??? of course..i dh stat counting da day syg..but suddenly tis happen..we juz can plan..god decide wat wil happen..we hav to trust our fate..i believe dat, there must be a reason y tis thg hapen rite..juz thnk +ve.. n besides, juz bape buln je beza..stil can do da preparation..n boleh lg ready for dat day kan..

xpe la..s long s, jadi!!!! lmbt or cepat is 2nd thg for me..once my mom said ok, n she dun even gv any bad comment, dats a gud, wait n see syg..i'l be yours

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