Monday, March 22, 2010


Why??? why dis thgs happen again?? whos wrong act??? izit me?? izit u?? who can answer tat? i don have 1..neither him.. =( hate that but there it goes..i have to face da same c2ation..but y me??? i tot history neva return.sad but true..

wat else to say?? ist not the time for blaming people or each other..its tyme for make thgs clear..but how??? tell me wat to do..ive told everythg b4 n afta..wat else u want? i am lack of wat?? i rili dun undtand..i try to..but seems like theres sumthg blocking me..but wat izit??

how long it wil ends?? we neva know..da longer u think, da longer it dat wat u want?? the time come closer..but see wat happen to us..cant u see dat?? its getting more often ok..its gettin worse..its a nitemare for scared to thnk bout dat..


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